Pho Ingredients

Top Row: Basil / Saw Leaves / Bean Sprouts
2nd Row: Onions and Scallions / Lime and Chili / Rare Steak

Types of Pho

  • Phở Ḅ: traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup
  • Phở Gà: a variation of pho made with chicken instead of beef
  • Meats

  • Tái: rare beef steak slices
  • Nạm: sliced flank
  • Vè Ḍn: crunchy flank
  • Gầu: fatty flank
  • Chín Nạc: sliced beef brisket
  • Gân: tendon
  • Sách: tripe
  • Ḅ Viên: beef meatballs


  • Quế: basil
  • Ng̣ gai: sawgrass or saw leaf herb
  • Giá: bean sprouts
  • Hành: scallions
  • Ng̣: cilantro
  • Ớt: chili


  • Chanh: lime
  • Tương Ớt: chili sauce (usually Sriracha hot chili sauce)
  • Tương Ăn Phở: literally translated it means "sauce with which to eat phở," but more specifically means hoisin sauce or "plum sauce"