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Pho Vinh Noodle Soup

601 Del Prado Blvd
Cape Coral, FL 33909
(239) 829-0343
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User Reviews

It's quite obvious that there are no recent reviews because this Vietnamese restaurant absolutely sucks. I have had authentic Vietnamese food before and know how delicious it can be. I am disappointed in the Pho dac biet that I threw it away after the first taste of the broth, and the beansprouts and basil were NOT even fresh..It was yellow and dead. I went to the bathroom afterward to vomit and even that was disgusting and filthy. To top it if there was a fly in my bubble tea. I seriously don't know what all the hype about this Vietnamese restaurant is for. I guess due to the fact it's the only Vietnamese nasty restaurant located in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.
Don't say I didn't warn you from crappy Vietnamese food!!
The truth is I give them 0 stars, but NOT all Vietnamese restaurants are like this so don't get me wrong.

Penny Duff
This is the best pho broth I've had, and I've had some excellent broth. If you love pho, and you're in or near Lee County, FL, it is worth the trip to this little restaurant for some superb pho!!

Basil & sprouts couldn't have been fresher. I don't know what others are talking about. Everything was fresh and delicious. I am a convert.

Fantastic, friendly staff and owner, and great foos, what more can you ask for

Paul Perry, Saudi Arabia
Finding a Vietnamese restaurant in South Florida was like finding a diamond in a haystack. So you might imagine how elated I was when this quaint gastronomical jewel opened its doors almost two years ago. I am a great fan of Asian cuisine in general--be it Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Japanese. And I am usually pretty hard in evaluating them if I eat at one of these restaurants. My mother is Korean so I know when this type of food is prepared in a genuine way--not watered down for American tastes. First, let me comment on the ambiance of Pho Vihn. I'd call it pretty much a hole in the wall--though the owner is trying to spiffy up the decor. But who really cares about ambiance when the food is soooooo good! Though the place doesn't take reservations (as far as I know), it is suggestable to get there at certain times of the day so you don't walk into a SRO situation. Best times are right when they open at 11am, between 1 and 3pm, and after 7pm. At least in my experience these seem to be the best times to eat there without waiting for a seat. As for the food, what can I say? The simple, national dish of Vietnam is some of the best Pho around. And for SW Florida that's an understatement. You get a choice of chicken or beef and 3 different size bowls. I always get a large. Gee, I wish one day they offer X-large. While chicken and beef meat are the staples they also offer a pressed sausage type meat which you can have added. Along with the noodles, meat, and savory soup base, you get the obligatory side of Thai basil, bean sprouts, and jalapeno slices. For those who want to spice it up a bit more (like me), there's extra condiments on the table including hot, spiracha sauce and a sweet plum sauce. Try them together for that sweet and hot combination. I love this small, unpretentious little restaurant. The service is quick (as it should be for Pho), and the clientele is a diverse mixture of locals (Americans and Vietnamese), the curious traveler or vacationer, and those who drive to Cape Coral from somewhere else. The prices are also right for the portions you receive. I'm glad the owners are looking to expand their seating. They will definately need it. These type of restaurants thrive on little advertising. It's mostly word of mouth. And from what I've seen, word of mouth is working just fine just fine for them. Check out their Facebook page! Better yet, become a friend on Facebook--it's a great way to support them. I wish them the best of luck and success

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