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Pho 36

9655 E. US Hwy. 36, Suite C
Avon, IN 46123
(317) 273-1830


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Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)

User Reviews

For a long time Indy was lacking a "complete" pho restaurant, and now they have one. You don't have to drive very far from 465, or into a sketchy neighborhood, to find this bright, clean, simple place; it's in boring but safe Avon just past several rows of corporate box stores and across from a Walmart. Don't be deterred by the middle aged white guy at the counter who runs the place; he speaks fluent Vietnamese, and the restaurant has all the little touches of an authentic big-city pho joint you'd find in Seattle, Minneapolis, or other great pho towns. In addition to great pho tai (available in two sizes) you can get the vietnamese beef stew, vermicelli bowls, delicious bahn mi sandwiches, and bahn choux (cream puff pastries). The prices are very reasonable (5.99/7.99 for small/large pho).

I have found with almost every Indy pho restaurant up until now, even the better ones, that there is always one or two significant details lacking that take away from the experience. Not here. Everything is spot-on, down to the sauce ramekins delivered with the soup, and the right amount of fish sauce in the pickling brine used for the veggies on the bahn mi. Well worth the excursion to Avon from wherever you live in the greater Indy area.

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Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
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